What is ScopeSync?

ScopeSync is an Open Source framework that lets users easily build rich user interfaces for Sonic|Core Scope devices.

Simple template language for building device User Interfaces

ScopeSync UIs are defined using an XML-based layout definition language. This allows users to build up a custom UI as easily as writing a webpage. The toolkit includes typical widgets used in device interfaces, such as rotary encoders, buttons and combo-boxes.

UIs designed using this language can be loaded both in Sonic|Core Scope as front-ends for devices or modular patches and in plugin hosts, such as Cubase or Ableton Live, through the ScopeSync VST plugin.

GUI-based Configuration Manager

The ScopeSync GUI contains a rich set of features for creating and editing Configurations, which allow an XML Layout to be mapped to a ScopeSync device by defining Parameter sets.

Configurations can also be used to customise the look and feel of template layouts. This allows users to choose different colours or graphical styles for specific controls. The ScopeSync package includes a large number of basic templates and encoder styles to get you started building device UIs without even needing to write any XML.

High resolution control system for linking DAWs to Scope

Scope parameters can be added to automation lanes or MIDI controlled in real-time using the carefully designed ScopeSync VST plugin. The plugin uses a special form of parameter control communication sent via digital audio signals to achieve high resolution (32-bit) control of Sonic|Core Scope devices that are ScopeSync-enabled.

This link works both to and from Scope, with continuous real-time sync from the DAW and a snapshot feature for parameter recall back from Scope.

Scope Modular module allowing custom UIs to control user patches

ScopeSync includes a dedicated module for Scope Modular, built using the BC Modular framework, called ScopeSync128A (or SS128A for short). This allows the 128 control channels of ScopeSync to be incorporated into any compatible* Scope Modular patch and launches ScopeSync UIs as a Control Panel.

This module lets users prototype new device ideas in Scope Modular and build rich user interfaces without having to write any C++ or make use of the Scope SDK. These devices can then be controlled from VST hosts with a matching UI using the ScopeSync VST plugin.

* See the BC Modular guideZ for information about and downloads of the BC Modular package of Scope Modular modules, all of which are fully ready for use with ScopeSync. Any other modules that can be controlled via patch cables are also compatible (using Async2Sync modules where necessary).

Tools for Scope SDK users to plug ScopeSync UIs into their custom devices

Advanced users can use all of the ScopeSync features from within the Scope SDK. Take advantage of the high resolution VST plugin control while cutting down on design and build time by using ScopeSync’s layout definition language to build easily reskinnable and reusable front-ends.

Java external object exposing ScopeSync features in Max and Ableton Live

Users of the Max and Ableton Live products from Cycling ’74 and Ableton aren’t forgotten in ScopeSync. The framework includes a Java external object ready to be incorporated into Max patchers, enabling ScopeSync’s high-resolution parameter control protocol.

Free and Open Source

There are no fees* for using ScopeSync and its source code is available on GitHub, mostly published under GPLv2 and Creative Commons 4.0 licences. The C++ framework makes heavy use of the JUCE library, for the UI build, plugin hosting and audio communication.

The authors welcome contributions from interested parties, whether they be layouts for external MIDI controllers, or feature enhancements to ScopeSync itself.

* Please contact the authors to discuss commercial releases making use of the ScopeSync framework

Authors and Contributors

Main authors: @bcsharc, @wellis and @jssbrandt

Support or Contact

For any questions, please find us at the BCModular Forum