What does the BC stand for?

It stands for "Better Control", as the package aims to improve on the overall control of Sonic Core's Modular.

Do I need a Behringer midi controller to use BC Modular?

You don't need any external controller to use BC Modular, as the on-screen modules can be controlled by mouse. However, to get more hands-on control, any standard midi controller (or windows compatible game controller) can be used. Currently, the ten BCM modules provided with BC modular have a similar appearance to the Behringer B-Control range of MIDI controllers. This is the only real benefit to using one of these as opposed to a different MIDI controller since what you see on screen will be a closer match to what you see on the controller.

What is 14-bit MIDI control and how can I use it?

Regular MIDI control is 7-bit which gives 127 steps across the range of your control. For many parameters this works fine with no noticable issues or artifacts. However, for some parameters more detailed control is required to fine tune values and avoid audible stepping. 14-bit MIDI control increases the number of steps to 16383 for smoother and more precise control.

To take advantage of 14-bit MIDI control, you will need to use a controller which either sends 14-bit pitch bend messages like Mackie Control or 14-bit MSB/LSB CC pairs (CC# 0-63). Normally this higher resolution can only be fully achieved by MIDI controllers which feature endless encoders like the Behringer B-Control or Novation SL units since MIDI controllers using analog potentiometers (regular knobs / faders) rarely have AD converters with higher than 10-bit resolution.

For users who prefer sequencer automation to hands on control these 14-bit CC's can also be programmed from most popular DAW software or can be recorded via the included Ctrlr panel.

What resolution of control can be achieved using game controllers?

The game controller support of BC Modular is only limited by resolution of the connected game controller. The value ranges on the Joystick A module update automatically to those of the connected game controller and are then converted to a 32-bit bipolar control range at the module outputs.

Cheap game controllers tend to be lower resolution (approx. 8-bit). For the DIY enthusiast there are high resolution options like the 14-bit UltraStik 360. Alternatively you could choose an analog joystick like the one used by Analogue Solutions on their Vostok synth or the Joy Stick I from Doepfer which can then be connected via USB using a joystick controller board . Of course with this type of solution you could add knobs or faders instead as each axis is controlled by a potentiometer.

Scope is 32-bit and I record my audio at this resolution so why can't I get the same depth of control?

You can. Just like Scope Modular, BC Modular can be modulated by audio rate signals.The additional IOs available in BC Modular allow for more modulation from external hardware or via software like Expert Sleepers Silent Way

Are there any known issues?

It's software, there always are! Please check here if you are having problems: Known Issues. If you find a problem that's not listed there, please post in the Support Forum