Main Package

25/11/2014 - Version 0.98b -
  • Version 0.98b adds 40 new modules, 2 new shells, updates, bug fixes and installer application...

08/03/2014 - Version 0.975b - or
  • Version 0.975b adds 30 new modules, updated modules and some exciting new features...

09/09/2013 - Version 0.971b -
  • Version 0.971b adds 24 new modules and a new 2x2 BC Modular Shell

20/08/2013 - Version 0.97b -
  • Version 0.97b adds more than 50 new modules and various bug fixes

23/04/2013 - Version 0.96b -

Installation Guide (0.98b onwards)

  1. Unzip and run the setup.exe
  2. Start Scope and have fun !!


Giving more options for the user to fine tune the controls of their modular patches and expanding the possibilities with regards to external control. Options like Expert Sleepers Silent Way are also well catered for. With a maximum 8 ins and 8 outs the regular modular shell is slightly limited with regards to the amount of external audio rate modulation which can be set up. BC Modular includes a suite of I/O modules covering both hardware and software I/O options. As well as this BC Modulars own shells have up to 32 audio and 16 sync I/O ports. Potentially over 100 modulation routings can be made into BC Modular and back out again.