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What's left to do?

Plenty at the moment, please see here for the prioritised list: TODO

Using Templates

There are a set of templates to be used when creating new pages:
N.B. When adding a new Module or CLM Module page, a separate Description page must be first be created and then incorporated into the main module page, as well as the table in the relevant Module Type page. Similarly, when adding a new Module Type, a Description page is needed so the content can be added to the Module Types page. Have a look at some example pages and the templates to get the hang of how this works.

If you want to add a new page that isn't supported by one of these templates please contact sharc or w_ellis to discuss how it should be laid out and integrated into the site.


Site navigation is controlled via tags When adding a page that should appear in the left hand navigation, please make sure to add the right tag to the page to allow it to be found in the right place. The most relevant tags are as follows:


Used to include items in the main Navigation menu.


Used to include items in the Other menu.

Module Types

Used to include items in the Module Types list. Note that there are also individual tags for each of the Module Types

Modular Shells

Used to include items in the Modular Shells list.


Be sensible when uploading images to ensure they are not take up too much file storage.

Image Naming

For the module description pages, the following naming conventions should be used for the uploaded images (replace " " with "-"):
Module: <ModuleName>.png (e.g. Morphing-PWM-Osc.png)
Module popup: <ModuleName>-Popup.png (e.g. Morphing-PWM-Osc-Popup.png)
Module panel: <ModuleName>-Panel.png (e.g. Morphing-PWM-Osc-Panel.png)
Sonic Core equivalent: <ModuleName>-S-C.png (e.g. Morphing-PWM-Osc-S-C.png)