BC Modular improves on the standard S|C Modular connections both in the Routing Window from its Modular Shells and inside the Modular Shells themselves. The main improvements are as follows:
  • Input/Output connections: Depending on how these are patched in, they can send or receive data (not both!)
  • Connection Indicators: Within a Modular patch, connectors are shown without the black centre if they are already patched and the relevant cable is hidden
  • BC Pipes: See details below

The ins and outs

With the exception of audio, Input and Output connections on BC Modular share the same appearance. However to help differentiate between the two, tooltips are provided for every connection. Also as a general rule of thumb, output sockets are positioned to the right / bottom right of the module.

Connection Types

Audio Connector-Green.pngConnector-Red.png

These work just like the standard S|C Modular connections. From the S|C Modular Manual:
These signals are produced by oscillators, filters, mixers etc. as well as by LFOs and envelope generators. To obtain the best possible audio quality, these signals are always computed with full audio bandwidth (up to 96 kHz and 32-bit precision, depending upon the current Sample Rate Settings). This is true for LFOs and envelope generators as well as for the other module types, which is why LFO and envelope signals, although typically low-frequency signals, are also classified as audio signals."

Sync Connector-Blue.png

Sync connections handle audio-rate modulation signals and are compatible with Audio connections. Unlike audio connections however, sync connections are bi-directional.

Esync Connector-Orange.png

These work just like the standard S|C Modular connections. From the S|C Modular Manual:
"The Esync signals which are in turn produced by many envelope modules are fed back to the MVC, which is thereby provided with the information it needs to optimally coordinate polyphonic voice management."

MIDI Connector-Yellow.png

These work just like the standard S|C Modular connections. From the S|C Modular Manual:
"The Modular, like other synthesizers, has a MIDI input and MIDI output. Certain Modular modules, such as the Drum Synthesizer, require a direct MIDI connection in order to function. Others, such as Clock and Trigger modules, transform MIDI signals into other types of signal. Apart from this, these are standard MIDI signals, such as are normally sent out by keyboards and sequencers."

Gates, Clocks and Triggers Connector-Yellow.png

These work just like the standard S|C Modular connections. From the S|C Modular Manual:
"Gate signals are produced primarily by the MVC (MIDI Voice Control) module and are used to trigger envelopes.Periodic gate signals can also be derived from MIDI-synchronized or free-running clock generator modules."

Async Connector-Grey.png

Async connections are for less time critical control of parameters than the word clock accuracy provided by sync connections. They are ideal for UI purposes and are bi-directional. They are not suitable for audio rate signals as while they allow full 32-bit control, their update frequency would normally be deemed too slow. They are however compatible with gate, clock and trigger signals and can be connected to and from sync with use of the provided converter modules where required.

BC Pipe Connector-BCP.png

The BC Pipe is an 8in / 8out array for Async control signals.
Quote from sharc:
"I added it to reduce the number of cables needed to connect controls between multiple circuit levels. It's bi-directional so you can mix and match IOs on the same pipe. It can also both send and receive multiple connections. It's not suitable for Audio signals ...apart from maybe extreme bit-reduction experiments. Although the BC-Pipe is Async it's not recommended for carrying Gate, Clock and Trigger signals"


Quote from sharc:
"Not yet fully implemented. Will allow external control of shell functions - shell open/close (connected device becomes the default surface), shell name and colour, number of voices, MIDI channel and more."