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Routing Window


Shell with Fixed Modules

except CWM Modules, loaded only to demonstration the drop down insert menu



is built as an insert effect so should work for general insert FX patches also.

Scope Device [ Insert Slots ]
MultiFX-S.png Drag BCFX-Shell into any of these slots to load it into that slot. Doubleclicking on the label in the slot opens the control surface of the effect. To remove an effect, click on the slot to select it and hit the Delete (PC) or Num (Mac) key on your computer keyboard.

Like the CLM it gives you an option to save the patch when you remove it from the slot, but it does give an additional 'non persistent module' prompt where you need to click 'yes' to save.
If you take a look in the development forum you'll see a couple of early versions of some new work on the control panel integration. I've tested it with this BCFX shell loaded into the Zarg RD Insert Slot module and it works. Lots of async control at full 32bit. ...also it can be used in SpaceF satellite as well as regular Scope stereo insert slots.

The BCFX shell should be installed in ...Devices\Effects\Stereo so that it shows up as a stereo insert effect

There does however appear to be a small issue with the default path for the modular modules. So long as you browse to the correct path for your Scope modular modules it should install the modules as intended inside a 'BC' folder. When using the default path the installer creates the 'BC' sub directory inside a 'BC Modules' folder. It still works, but it's a bit fiddlier with the menu navigation.

If anyone finds they have this problem, I'd advise to uninstall BC Modular instead of moving the files. When reinstalling browse to the Modular Modules folder at the prompt and that should sort it :).

Sorry for any inconvenience this causes. It unfortunately didn't show up in tests at this side before release.

"... I found it and stuck it in the Special Inserts folder I have. I had no issues with the installment. I simply took the original folder drug it out to desktop, then installed with the exe. Then browsed over modules that were different and combined them."


BCFX SHELL [Example with CWM and Adern Flexor Modules]


Using ScopeSync with BCFX [Example with SC Modules]

For users of Scope Modular2 or higher, the solution to using ScopeSync with the BCFX shell (or any other modular shell which is short on IOs) is to use the External Effect S in the Stereo Insert Slot. Assign the inputs to your ASIO dest and the outputs to your ASIO source. Set Dry to 0% and Wet to 100%.