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This one's for the BC users who've been struggling to find a way to make regular modular modules work with ScopeSync and other BC Modular control modules. It ties the MRC Remote Controller Assignment to a pair of BC-Pipe connectors on the Control Panel module.
It doesn't auto range like the MRC. However it does provide you with the unprecedented parameter control resolution of ScopeSync for all your favorite modules.



I've noticed a bug in the Remote Parameter assignment where it won't let you change a parameter which has already been assigned. You can delete the assignment by removing the module which the parameter belongs to but that's not ideal. I've been playing around with it today and can't find a solution to this problem. I did find an alternative though.
This version uses MIDI CC assignments instead !!


I know it sounds crazy - We've come all this way to go back to MIDI CCs. However, it's not using the CCs for control ...Even though it does actually assign them. It's only using their method of assignment.
I've basically hardwired the BC-Pipes on the Control Panel module to MIDI CCs 101-116. Any parameters in the shell assigned to these CCs by the usual method can be accessed at full resolution via the BC-Pipes. It also auto-ranges to controls in the same way MIDI CC assignments do so you don't need to mess around with min / max values and curves like on the MRC version above.
It still needs a bit of work and gives out the odd random error message on some assignments, but it looks really promising.


BC2x2 [Example]